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A Nice Little Story

Yeah, wow, this community is way more quiet than should be. Come on 'bones!

Hi, I'm Oz and I'm obnoxious. I've been playing trombone for about 12~ years. Did the usual marching band/concert band routine back in high school. Practice and diddled on my own for a long time and just recently joined an amazing band. We just got back from France which was amazing. Never did I think I'd ever travel with my trombone one anything more spiffy than a yellow school bus! 

Anywho. I recently posted in my personal LJ about a little experience I had last night at my band's brass sectional. (Pardon the occasional layman explanations, I was sharing this with a few people who sadly know nothing about trombone)

My bone got busted in France. A big huge ding in my slide, so I can't play anything out of first position (in other words, I can't move my slide). No big deal really, trombones are victim to this quite often, can't really help it when they are SO HUGE! (lol). So my 'bone is in the shop currently getting this sorted out. Unfortunately this would mean I was going to miss the next two rehearsals cause I didn't have my horn. Luckily my bandmates are very nice and a few of them have trombones as well as the instrument they play in the band. So J and K brought in their horns. K's was this cute little Getzen that he had since he was like 11! It was a nice straight tenor but with a bore smaller than that is on my horn. (Didn't think that was possible, considering my horn is teeny tiny) I knew I could make due at least for these rehearsals with that horn. But then J took out the trombone he brought. It was a very large bore with a F-trigger. Oh yeah, gimme that horn! I haven't been able to play with a trigger in years! So I took my mouthpiece out of K's horn and put in J's large King F-trigger horn. Oops! My mouthpiece was too small. "Hey, uh J! Do you have another mouthpiece?!" He sure did. Cleaned it up for me and handed it over. It was larger with a deeper cup than my favorite 6 1/2 AL. But man oh man! The sound that came out that horn was SO NICE! Deep and mellow sounding. My normal horn is very bright and tinny sounding, and hell of a lot lighter. Never the less, last night was a blast (no pun intended) and reminded me why I love playing trombone so much.
I will admit I haven't gotten much horn exploration under my belt so I do tend to get excited when I handle new and different horns. I played Yamaha's during the majority of my trombone life. I now have this not so pretty straight Bundy that.... is... to say the least, tolerable. Its pretty much a junker I picked up along the line through a series of unfortunate events. It does the job, but its sound.... I never realized was so ... icky when I picked up J's horn. And really, I never noticed the difference last night between closed and open wrapped triggers.

I suppose even after all these years, I still have lots to learn. And here's an action shot to top it all off. Nice to meet y'all, hope to see more postings around here!

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