mus1coj4p4n1c4n (mus1coj4p4n1c4n) wrote in trombones,

Awesome! Trombone players on LJ! :D

Hi everyone, this is like, my 2nd day on LiveJournal and I'm so glad there's a trombone community on LJ. I've played trombone since 5th grade and now I'm in 8th. (Yes, I'm still very young.) Even though I still have MUCH to learn, it's fun just playing the trombone since it's so different and unique from the rest of the wind instruments you usually see/hear. And everyday, I get better and better from practice and it excites me when I learn a new technique or tip everyday.

Right now I'm 1st chair at my school and let me tell you, anyone that plays trombone is so funny and awesome. Trombone players are one of the most friendly kind of people that can crack/take a joke and are usually great to be with and original. I'm proud to be a trombone player, and good to see others like this awesome instrument. :D
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