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Moonlight in Vermont

overseas transportation

Hey, all,

First of all, I'm new to the community... I figured people here would have an answer for my question!!

I'm studying abroad in Germany this semester... I'm leaving February 19 and staying until August 1. What's the best way to bring my trombone? I asked this in americansabroad, and there were varying answers. A number of people said I could probably bring it on the plane with me and have the flight attendants keep it in their closet. I'm flying with Brittish Airways, if that helps.

Also, I have two trombones I could bring.... the main one I have (and love) is a Conn 88H with an F-attachment. The other is a small Getzin w/o F-attachment, so both lighter and smaller. Plus, the Getzin is way cheaper, so if anything happens to it, it's not as big a deal.
But if I can bring a trombone with me on the plane, I'd prefere the Conn. I just wonder which is better to take, or if the Conn is too big to bring on the plane.

Any trombonists here who have experience with bringing their trombone overseas?
Thanks in advance!
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