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Alright, trombone pals. Don't fail me now. I need trombone related advice.

I was recently made section leader of the trombones in my band after the old section leader  graduated. The only problem is that another girl was actually sitting in front of me before, so my band leader had to bump her down in order to give me first chair. I felt so insecure about it that I gave up my chair to the other girl. My band director talked to me about it and told me that even though I deserve to be first chair more than this other girl, I have very low confidence in my playing skills.

I know it sounds lame but... what can I do to make myself  "confident" in my trombone skills? I want to be first chair, and I think somewhere deep down I know I should be, but I just get so nervous and insecure about chair placement. Help me, please!
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