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Fresno's Finest

So today I got the 3rd trombone part for "Fresno's Finest Jazz Band." Its not the first part but I think im pretty lucky. My Director is leading the band so he said he'd be fair and let the other schools in the district put their kids and then put whoever in our band that he needs. I only know one of my competition, Shadow Garza, I dont know if its a girlor a boy but IT can only hit a G...i can go up to a Db. Im hoping we'll audition and I can get the first part.
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a g? thats it and s/he is first hmm well i hope they havea great tone and know melodies very well then,unless there is an audition. really if this is a big deal i cant see tham not doing it, besides the choosing process sounds screwed up in the first place, you guys were somewhat screwed over because your director was leading it, that sucks. well congratulations and good luck in the band
First of all, they aren't your competition, they are your colleagues. Trombone players get no respect, and we need to stick together.

Seconly, "Shadow" is a screwball name...but I'm curious how you know that he or she can only hit a G if you don't even know if he or she is a he or she.

Lastly, if you can reach a D♭ (I'm assuming you mean the one sitting on the 5th leger line above the bass clef), you can reach a D--just pull the slide to first position. Anything above that is really less a matter of chop strength than air support.



April 8 2006, 07:56:59 UTC 10 years ago

I knew he could hit a G because his director had to put their highest note, his was a G.
Yeah, well I can hit a D.
Hmmm there is more to trombone playing than range but if that's all you've got to go on, you should do fine. The tone quality is always what I have to worry about most for auditions, so make sure you've got that down pat. Also... friended :-)